How to get here?


By car: the easiest access route is the N-630, Ruta de la Plata, towards Puerto de Pajare from both North and South. When coming from Leon, the first town of this Council is Peredilla, and if coming from Asturias the first town is Villasimpliz. To access the area from the A-66 from the North, you must take the exit towards Caldas de Luna and then go on the LE.473 towards Puerto de Aralla; from the South, you must take the exit towards La Magdalena and then go on the C-626 towards La Robla, where you can take the N-630 towards Gordon.


By bus: ALSA, a transport company, has a regular coach line that communicates Leon city with all towns in Gordon, which are located in the N-630. This company also offers a few services to communicate the Council of Gordon with Asturias.


By train: at the moment Gordon can be accessed using the regional train line Leon-Gijon, and in the near future the fast train line will run though the area, and will take over the current trails, it will therefore be the new axis to define the region.


By plane: the closest airports are Leon and Asturias.





Gordon was designated Alto Bernesga Biosphere Reserve in 2005. This UNESCO designation has been awarded for the high natural ethnographic and cultural value of the municipality.


The Council of La Pola de Gordon comprises 17 towns: Los Barrios, Beberino, Buiza, Cabornera, Ciñera, Folledo, Geras, Huergas, Llombera, Nocedo, Paradilla, Peredilla, La Pola, Santa Lucía, Vega, La Vid and Villasimpliz.


This municipality has 4,000 neighbours, with an extension of 158 km2 and the altitude of its populations over sea level is between 1,000 and 1,300meters. Most of these towns can through the N-630, also called Ruta de la Plata.

Our council limits with Villamanin in the North, with La Robla and Carrocera in the South, with Carmenes, Matallana de Torio and Vegacervera in the East and with Los Barrios and Sena de Luna in the West.


The municipality is geographically located between Leon (33 km away) and Asturias (Puerto de Pajares is 25 km away), also located in the massif of our Cantabrian mountain range, Montaña Central Leonesa and in the Bernesga river basin.


The entire valley is presided over by the “El Cueto San Mateo” 1,600m altitude peak located in the center of the council and which in some non cloudy days presents spectacular views  the mountain range and some other town in Gordon and maybe even the towers of Leon’s Cathedral