Warlike Heritage “Gordon’s Trenches”


La Pola de Gordon’s council has collaborated with the Environment and Rural Affairs Ministry to carry out a project to signpost the Civil War’s warlike heritage named “Trincheras de Gordon (Gordon’s Trenches)” by the use of many agreements signed by Spanish Biosphere Reserves.


A total of 9 thematic panels with pictures of that time, map reconstructions of the battles and information explain throughout a unique route in the county the role this council played in the war.


Casemates, trenches and bunkers alternated in the landscape of Fontaña, La Mueza and El Atico. This route starts in Nocedo and continues towards Pajares Pass; it passes through La Pola and ends in Los Barrios de Gordon. It can be done as presented or beginning from each town and then ending it in a different way. This route is in some transects parallel t the Camino San Salvador, so to avoid confusion signposting is blue for Gordon’s Trenches and yellow for Salvador.


The council has also collaborated with the Asturian association ARAMA, and its president Mr Artemio Mortera, whose knowledge on the Civil War on the Cantabrian region was of much help; it as also collaborates with the Neighbourhood Councils of Nocedo, La Pola and Los Barrios. The company responsible for developing this project is Red Ambiente SL.


In the panels, apart from information regarding warlike events, you can also find pictures showing how life was in that time, women washing in the river, people going for a walk etc.


These pictures have been bought from the families of the photographer that used to take photos of the war fronts and the way of living in that time.





  Perfil de la Ruta

  Collada Urdiales

  El Altico


  La Muezca

  La Pola de Gordón

  Los Barrios de Gordón

  Nocedo de Gordón

  Sierras Negras del Cajal