Duration: 3h 30m

Difficulty: Medium

Slope: 243m

Km: 3 km


This route starts in La Vid, near the old washing place that has been restored and can now be used again.

In the dusty records you can find documents about the history of the Camino de Santiago that passes by Buiza, Villasimpliz and La Vid. In these mountains there are remains of the existence of the Camino Real, through which thousands of pilgrims used to cross Pajares.


The San Lorenzo’s Hermitage is located on this path, on the top of a hillock in Bernesga’s stone pavemented path,  and surrounded by legends.


After visiting the hermitage, the route descends to Villasimpliz. This town’s history begins in the time of the Romans, you can still see the remains of the Romans Way in its surroundings.


The route then leaves the town and continues towards the hillock, and then descends to Buiza; this town has seen much history for many years.


The Romans also built in this area the way that used to link Leon with Asturias and Buiza was a place of commercial transit and also one of the northern routes of the Camino de Santiago. In this way there used to be an inn or convent to provide shelter to pilgrims and travelers.