Duration: 5h

Difficulty: Medium

Slope: 622m

Km: 9 km


This route starts in La Pola, where the council of this region is located. This town has been named in distinguished traveler’s writing, such as Jovellanos, who had to stop in the town, as many other people, on his was to Asturias.


To reach the information panel with information about the route you need to cross the train track using the underground tunnel and then turn left.


The path that will take you to the summit will take you through beech and oak forests, and if the season is right, you can also find many mushrooms species.


The peak Fontañan was an important strategic spot hence on its summit you can find many trenches and anti-aircraft bunker, all of this was created by the Spanish Republic army to defend the road N-630 in the transect La Robla- Pajares.