Duration: 4h

Difficulty: Medium

Slope: 563m

Km: 8 km


This route begins in Santa Lucia de Gordon, the town the strongest miner character.


Starting on the Paseo de Salinas, this route is a pleasant walk up to the summit of Cueto San Mateo (1603 m). On the way to the summit, where you can admire both miner and natural landscape, you can find an old and small abandoned mill near the Peña del Castro.


When reaching Cueto’s hillock you can find an information panel explaining why geologic interest in this formation is international, receiving many students from all over Europe every summer.


On the way back, you will walk through areas in which other towns used to be located, such as San Juan de Las Casas, in the North valley of the Cueto, Faya Abajo, near the boundary with Vega, and Faya Arriba, in the southwest, limiting with Llombera. Near the current cemetery there was a chapel although there are no visible remains.


Observations: This paths difficulty increases with the presence of snow and ice.