Reserva de la Biosfera Alto Bernesga Visiting Center



This visiting centre is located in the building that used to be Geras’ primary school. It contains information about the reserve, which comprises the councils of la Pola de Gordon and Villamanin. The following content is available there:


- Posters on natural heritage (geology, forests, fauna, mycology...)

- Posters about cultural heritage (millennial paths, ethnography, festivities, legends…)

- Posters about architectonic heritage (civil, religious and miner related)

- Digital info

- Giant puzzles for children







Guided tours


For visits contact the following phone or e-mail:


Phone: 987588003 Ext. nº 3


Contact area: Reserva de La Biosfera Alto Bernesga (Ask for Beni)




Reserva de la Biosfera Alto Bernesga Visiting Center


C/ Plácido García, 14

24608 Geras de Gordón


Tlfnos: 987588003 Ext. nº 3

E-mail: c.desarrollo@ayto-lapoladegordon.e




Suggested routes and trips


Senderos de Gran Recorrido (SGR)- Long distance routes


These paths are itineraries of at least 50 km long and sometimes even reaching hundreds or thousands of km distances with a duration of many days and they are formed by the connection of paths, routes, track and trail that can’t be done by car. Many of this routes have always been there to connect towns or for transhumance. This SGR routes are signposted with international white and red signs; they have an identification number and their variants are indicated using subscripts but they can also have a name.


Senderos Locales (SL) - Local routes


These routes allow the access to singular locations nearby: a sanctuary, a viewpoint, a fountain… The maximum distance they can be is 10 km long, and a recommended length and duration should be no less than 5 km or two hours walking.  This paths are signposted with international white and green signs and receive the acronym SL, the initial of the county they’re in and the number they have been given in the Path Register.


Senderos de Pequeño Recorrido (SPR)- Short routes


Same characteristics as the SGR routes but they can be done in one or two days, being between 10 and 15 kilometers long. They’re focused on getting to know a specific area. Recovered traditional paths and trails of a town or region, they can be circular, having the same start and end point. Some of these routes begin in a SGR route and then get closer to a site of interest or town. PR routes are signposted with the international white and yellow signs. They are named with the acronym PR, the initials of the county they’re in and the number they have been registered with.



Gordón routes


Cueto San Mateo (Santa Lucía)

Cueto San Mateo (La Pola)

Pico Fontañán

Las Colladas a San Salvador

Patrimonio Bélico "Trincheras de Gordón"

Rutas señalizadas de las comarcas de Cuatro Valles


Shelter Geras de Gordón


Shelter Geras de Gordón


Climbing Pure Asturias


Climbing Pure Gordón


Entrecaballos - Integrated Travel Services