Current local cuisine is clearly influenced by traditions and habits of the past. Many ingredients used in the past still exist in nowadays cuisine: fish from our rivers, mainly trouts, livestock,


A key element is the pig slaughtering, which provides fresh and cured meat for the entire year. Out of this, and some other components, one of the most typical dishes of the region is made: the “entrecocido”, which contains morcilla, chorizo, snout, marbling, tongue, ribs, and any other product from the pig slaughtering served “encallao”. Sometimes also cows tongue, meat, cecina, goat’s longaniza and pig shoulder.


A platter of cold meats can’t be missed since in the council there are many artisan cold meat factories (Entrepeñas and Tarabico in Geras, Fontañan in La Pola) and they are known for making high quality products.


As first dish, some other options are potatoes with conger eel and clams or with ribs, rice or chickpeas with cod and mushrooms stew.


As a second dish the possibilities are even more: trout with marbling, cod with vegetables casserole, pisto, sweetbread, callos, chicken stew, roasted lamb, bulls tail… And also, during hunting season, partridge roe deer and wild boar.


When choosing dessert there are many specialties including: preserve, French toast, frisuelos, brazo de Gitano, arroz con leche, etc. Other sweets to have with a cup of coffee are butter biscuits and pastries, fried roscas, sponges, marzipans and sweet bread.


Distilled liquors are made from herbs, cherries, blueberries and blackthorns.


In November the Jornadas Gastronomicas, dedicated to cocido gordones take place in most towns and are worth mentioning.