Holy Week






Holy Week


Cofradia El Encuentro de la Pasion


This brotherhood has its headquarters in Santa Lucia de Gordon.


Due to worsening of Holy Week, a group of young people that used to carry the cross dressed in normal clothing come across with the idea of creating a new brotherhood. In only one month they managed to have everything ready to participate in a procession dressed as “cofrades” for the Holy Week in 1991. There were 23 of them.


The colours chosen were purple for the tunic and white for the hood, forearms, gloves and belt. A couple of years later a white cape was added to the uniform.


For the first year it didn’t have an official name, so it was called the “New Brotherhood”, currently that name is still used sometimes. In 1992 the official name was decided: “El Encuentro de la Pasion”, honoring the procession on Good Friday at sundown.


In 1995 their greatest wish comes true when they obtain their first pace, “El Nazareno”.


Official website: http://elencuentrodelapasion.com



Hermandad del Santisimo Cristo de La Victoria


This brotherhood was founded by a group of friends in 1955 and was initially called “Hermandad Pro-Semana Santa del Frente de Juventudes” in Santa Lucia de Gordon.


Their first pace was used in a procession in 1956 in Santa Lucia, it’s an image of the Flagellation of the Lord. The sculpture was made by Jose Luis Alonso Comonte, doctor in Arts and professor at University of Salamanca as a sculpture teacher, he then worked in his native Benavente in the wood carving studio of the family, his father was a cabinetmaker.


A few years later in 1962 Amado Fernandez makes a new image for the brotherhood. This time it’s an executioner to go with the Flagellation Christ. This is the author’s first sculpture for a procession, made on his studio in Pablo Florez (Leon).


This pace rests on top of a wheeled wooden structure that is covered with a blue and red velvet cloth.


This brotherhood was linked for many years to the Organizacion Juvenil Española (OJE) and their procession accompanied by the music band of cornets and drums or this organization, with orchested trumpets, that can be heard in the valle in rehearsals the nights before. The young people playing these instruments show great excitement and they learn t value music. In the first years, only boys would participate but then girls and women started to join in. Since 2001, the brotherhood has their own music band.


Their tunic is blue with red hood and belt and white gloves. Seven years ago a blue cape was added to the uniform.


In 1974 the brotherhood adopts its current name, but maintains the same coat of arms and standard, which have the new name on the reverse.


In 1997 Marc Raventos Pages makes a new pace. It’s a virgin called the “Virgen del Amor y la Espaeranza”. The virgin wears light blue a tunic and veil, a dark blue belt made of cord, a dark blue velvet cape and a flower crown.




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