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Buen Suceso´s pilgrimage


Celebrated the first Sunday of September, nearby the sanctuary it’s named after, was considered historic-artistic heritage since 1983. Located in the North variant of the Camino de Santiago to San Salvador of Oviedo, in the N-630, in Huergas de Gordon.


The small chapel contains the image of the Buen Suceso Virgin, Patron Saint of Gordon. The pilgrimage was first documented in 1906 and the main elements are the service at 1 in the afternoon, the parade that happens afterwards and praying the “Salve”. In this procession, the standards of Gordon’s towns (Peredilla, Beberino, Buiza, Folledo and Geras) parade before the virgin.


This pilgrimage is also a key festivity to spread traditions such as folklore music groups, traditional native games and sports such as the bolo leones, skeet shooting and lucha leonesa.


Gastronomy also has an important role since paella is made for all of the participants and it’s possible to also have some morcilla.


These activities gather many locals and tourists. This festivity is preceded by a novena to which many people pilgrim to.



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