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Traditional Market


Since 1999 it takes place in the square Cardenal Aguirre in La Pola the first Sunday of December. It aims to rememorize the markets that used to happen a century ago every Thursday in this same square and was attended by many locals and also people from other regions to sell or exchange diverse products.


This market is includes in the calendar “Comercial Fairs in Castilla y Leon”, published by the Direccion General de Comercio y Consumo de la Junta. It aims to recover old traditions and bring out many objects, clothes, jobs and habits that have now been almost forgotten.


The people attending can enjoy stew, chestnuts and morcilla which are customary of the area to help mitigate low temperatures. The market is also used by local craftsmen to show their work and it’s an opportunity to promote native customary products of the region.



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